Big ship regatta Teambuilding

Regatta Teambuilding

Competitive sailing
Every year at the beginning and the end of the season, we have traditional ship regattas. After a season of doing maintenance or calmly sailing along with our guests, the skippers want to compete against each other to see which of them, and which ship, is really the best. For one weekend we pull out all the stops to get the prize. And you can help us!

Regatta Teambuilding
In this training programme, the competitive sailing, with all the excitement and stressthat goes along with it, is the teambuilding factor. This means setting sail together, executing maneuvers and taking care of the ship together. The group is split up into smaller units who are each given a specific task on board. Living together in a relatively small space and the tension and excitement of the race all contribute to your teambuilding experience. The crew will guide the groups during the race and evaluate developments with the whole team at the end. Our highly experienced crew are trained in coaching team building.
Regatta IJsselmeer

20:00 Welcome aboard; settle in.
A drink with the skipper, snacks and a short introduction to the ship.
09:00 Breakfast buffet.
10:00 We set sail after an extensive briefing. Special attention is given to cooperation within the groups; everybody must know their task! What follows is an intense sailing programme with various kinds of maneuvers.
13:00 Lunch buffet on board.
15:00 Bar is open, snacks are served.
Towards the end of the afternoon we arrive back in port, where it is time to relax and discuss the day.
19:00 Dinner buffet or bbq on board.
09:00 Breakfast buffet
10:00 During the Sunday programme, the emphasis will be on hierarchy formation within the groups and calling on one’s social skills. All you have learned previously will now be put into practice again; the crew will only interfere when the safety of the ship or passengers is at risk.
13:00 Lunch buffet on board.
15:00 Bar is open, snacks are served.
17:00 Arrival back in port; final evaluations and a word of farewell from the skipper.

Regatta dates:
Pieperrace – Volendam.
10 –  12 April 2015.
Klipperrace – Enkhuizen.
09 –  11 October 2015.
Bontekoerace – Hoorn.
23 –  25 October 2015.
Muider Hardzeildagen – Muiden.
23 –  25 October 2015.

€ 92.95 Basic arrangement.
€ 119.50 Extensive arrangement.
€ 162.50 Luxury arrangement.
Prices are per person and include meals, non-alcoholic drinks, tax and service.
You can bring your own duvet or sleeping bag; duvet + towel sets are also available @ €15.00 per set.
Descriptions of meals and bar options can be found on our catering list.
Bar options
€ 31.95 Basic bar.
€ 38.75 Extensive bar.
€ 46.50 Luxury bar.
Bar prices are per person and include tax and service.
The bar is open from 15:00 to 00:30 hra. Coffee, tea and softdrinks are freely available all day.
Drinks can also be tallied up and charged afterwards; see our catering list for prices.
Rent of the ship and crew:
€ 2.450,00.
Regatta weekends run from Friday 20:00 to Sunday 17:00 hrs.

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Pay per person
Our packages are carefully selected based on years of experience with our target groups.
Prices are per person (min. 10 persons) and include all costs, so there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards. You can change the final number of participants up to seven days before departure. Rates for smaller groups or different bar opening times on request.  Changes in the programme or meals (see our catering list) are also possible; please let us know what you would like.

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