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Basic welcome Coffee and tea with Dutch biscuits .
Extensive welcome Coffee and tea with Dutch apple pie and whipped cream.
Luxury welcome Coffee and tea with assorted pastries.
Basic lunch Various types of bread, vegetable soup, 2 kinds of cheese, cold cuts and sweet fillings, coffee, tea and milk.
Extensive lunch buffet Various types of bread and rolls, Pesto soup with tomato and spinach, 3 kinds of cheese, cold cuts, sweet fillings and fresh fruit. Freshly smoked mackerel from Monnickendam. Coffee, tea, milk and orange juice.
Luxury lunch buffet Various luxury breads and rolls. Homemade tomato, pumpkin or courgette soup. Platter with various luxury cold cuts and pâtés. Luxury fish platter. A selection of domestic and foreign cheeses. Coffee, tea, milk, fruit juices and fresh fruit.
Salad bar Spicy tomato soup with crème fraîche, various luxury breads and rolls, (garlic) butter, tapenade and hummus. Various salads and crudités, dressings. Nuts and seeds, croutons, pine nuts, olives, capers, sun-dried tomatoes. Gravadlax and freshly smoked local mackerel. Fried bacon and  smoked chicken. Feta, Gorgonzola and Edam cheese. Coffee, tea, milk, fruit juices and fresh fruit.
Mediterranean lunch buffet Various luxurious breads and rolls, including baguettes and Turkish flatbread. Red lentil soup (mildly spicy). Egg curry. Sweet and sour beef salad. Couscous Salad with fresh mint. Chicken salad with mango. Orange butter and garlic butter. Olives. Dates with cream cheese. Fresh figs (when in season). Coffee, tea, milk, fruit juices and fresh fruit. Fresh mint tea, green tea.
Dutch “mash meals” Including soup starter and Dutch custard dessert. Choose 2 from:
-Endive mash with bacon, cheese and meatball;
-Sauerkraut mash with bacon and pineapple;
-Hotchpotch with beef;
-Leek mash with “slavink” (meat ball wrapped in bacon);
-Curly kale mash with fried bacon bits, onions and smoked sausage.
Basic captain’s dinner Dun peas with bacon, stewed onions, ground spicy beef, salad, various pickles and piccalilli.
Captain’s dinner buffet Homemade tomato or pumpkin soup. Dun peas with crispy bacon bits. Honeyed ham, spicy minced beef. Rye bread with herring, fresh locally smoked mackerel. Fresh green salad. Amsterdam pickled sweet & sour onions and other pickles, piccalilly and other condiments. French bread with homemade garlic butter.
Basic barbecue Hamburger, bratwurst, spareribs, chicken satay. Pasta salad with fresh vegetables. Potato salad with egg, chives and celery. Peanut,  BBQ- and garlic sauce. Bread and homemade herb/garlic butter.
Extensive barbecue Sliced fillet of pork, hamburger, chicken satay, spareribs, drumstick, cevapcici (Greek sausage). Fish parcel. Mixed green salad with dried tomatoes and Feta cheese, couscous salad with fresh mint, potato salad with egg, walnut and celery. Peanut,  BBQ-, cocktail and garlic sauce. Bread and homemade herb/garlic butter.
Gourmet barbecue For the gourmet: small pieces of quality meat so you can taste our whole range.
Chicken “woodsman” with bacon. Marinated steak. Pork fillet kebab with sun-dried tomato. Fillet steak. Hamburger. Chicken satay. Spareribs. Chicken drumstick. Cevapcici (Greek sausages). Fish parcel. Prawn kebab. Pasta salad with fresh vegetables. Mixed green salad with dried tomatoes and feta. Couscous salad with fresh mint. Potato salad with walnut and celery. Various sauces. Bread with homemade garlic butter and tzatziki.
Basic Indonesian rice buffet Chicken satay, Semur babi (braised pork) . Spicy sambal beans, Sajur tumis/tofu with bean sprouts. White rice and fried noodles. Sambal, prawn crackers, friend onions, spicy shredded coconut.
Extensive Indonesian rice buffet Rendang daging, chicken satay, spicy braised pork. Sambal beans, Sajur tumis/tofu with bean sprouts. White rice, Indonesian fried rice, yellow coconut rice. Hot sambal sauce, prawn crackers, fried onion bits, spicy shredded coconut and Indonesian pickles. “Bacon cake” dessert.
Luxury Indonesian rice buffet Rendang daging, chicken satay, spicy braised pork.  Balinese fish, spicy grilled shrimp. Sambal beans, Sajur tofu with bean sprouts. White rice, fried noodles, yellow coconut rice. Spicy sambal sauce, prawn crackers, fried onion bits, spicy shredded coconuit, mixed pickle. “Bacon cake” dessert.
Mexican buffet Tortillas, grilled chicken, chili con carne. Green salad, tomato, bell peppers, corn. Guacamole, cheese, sour cream.
Mussel buffet Mosselen met Hollandse mosselkruiden en seizoensgroenten. Provençaalse mosselen met tijm, rozemarijn en witte wijn. Gemengde groene salade. Aardappelsalade met ei, bleekselderij en walnoot. Mossel-, knoflook- en cocktailsaus. Brood met kruidenboter en olijventapenade.
Asparagus buffet (When in season) Fresh asparagus, prepared on board. New potatoes. Warm honeyed ham. Smoked salmon. Egg salad. Hollandaise sauce with fresh parsley. Mustard-dill-honey sauce.
Oriental buffet Mildly spicy red lentil soup. Salad with goat’s cheese, pine nuts and figs. Dates stuffed with cream cheese. Mild Chili Vegetables. Couscous salad with fresh mint. Fish curry with coconut. Spicy Chicken. Lemon Rice. Hummus, tzaziki and Turkish flatbread. Vanilla risotto with fruit, or baklava for dessert.
Mediterranean buffet Minestrone. Buffalo mozzarella with fresh basil. Green salad with feta, pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes. Tricolore pasta with tuna, grilled peppers and fresh basil. Couscous salad with fresh mint. Meatballs in tomato sauce. Ratatouille. Fish cakes. Tapenade and lemon butter. Ciabatta, Turkish flatbread and baguette.
Basic assortment Coffe, tea, mineral water, Coca cola, Fanta, Sprite, tap beer, red, white and rosé house wines.
Extensive assortment Basic assortment plus apple and orange juice, cocoa, Dutch spirits e.g. Skipper Bitter, Berenburg, Genever
Luxury assortment Standard assortment plus prosecco, port, vermouth, sherry, international spirits e.g. Bacardi, Smirnoff and Jameson

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