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Enjoy a sustainable trip

The environment has been high on the agenda for decades now. In spite of promises and regulations we can observe every day that things are still going downhill. Too much energy consumption leads to problems that can only be solved by drastic measures. New alternative and sustainable energy sources are being tried out all the time. One of the oldest forms of sustainable energy is wind, which we use to propel our ship. On the Catharina van Mijdrecht you can take a sustainable trip.

Sailing vessel
The Catharina van Mijdrecht was originally built as a sailing cargo vessel. Alas, cargo transport by sail is no longer viable in our day and age; too slow, too dependent on uncertain factors, too labour intensive. Fortunately these are factors that are of no consequence for recreational sailing: relaxing, going where the elements take you and reaching our destination together are key words aboard our ship. And all this at less than two hours from almost anywhere in the country. Your trip to Monnickendam can be sustainable too if you use public transport.

Living with nature
Aboard the Catharina van Mijdrecht, we live in close contact with nature and the elements. We depend on it, and we notice when things are not as they are supposed to be. Therefore we use eco-friendly alternatives for the maintenance of the ship as much as possible. Most paints and varnishes we use are based on linseed oil; even rust is curbed with it. All our wood comes from sustainably managed (FSC) forests, and it is re-used as much as possible whenever we renovate.

Low energy consumption
We use about 10m litres of fuel per day for the engine, hot water, heating and electricity. We also take about 5 KWh of power per day from shore supply dispensers in the harbour. We use our water supply wisely: toilets are flushed with lake- or seawater from outside, we’ve installed an economy shower and we give our guests tips for saving water. All in all we use less than 600 litres per day on average, with 20 to 40 passengers on board!

Fresh local produce
We prepare all our meals directly on board, with fresh produce and without any unnecessary preservatives or other additives.We only serve sustainably grown or caught fish and we use organically raised meat as much as possible. All our ingredients are bought locally. We can also make you a quotation with only organically produced ingredients.

Green future
We will continue to invest in sustainability: together with other skippers we have requested recycling facilities in harbours and locks, and we are working on a system to separate and dispose of our wastewater sustainably.


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